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The Morgan Braided Horsehair Belt - B106

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Custom belt made with braided horsehair with choice of buckles.
Custom belt made with braided horsehair with choice of buckles.Custom belt made with braided horsehair with choice of buckles.The Morgan Braided Horsehair belt detail design closeup.

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Price: $105.00
Item Number: B106
Manufacturer: Cochise Leather Company

The Morgan Hand braided Horsehair belt is taupe, red, black with whip-stitched edge.  Center design is red and black with taupe on either side. Belt is 1 1/2" wide with choice of 6 buckle designs. Leather belt billet comes in two colors, Black or Brown.  Uni-sex design can be worn by men or women.  

At Cochise Leather the utmost attention is paid to the quality and detail of all our handmade leather goods.  Proudly made in the USA!


Belt Buckle selection for Horsehair belts


The Morgan horse is one of the earliest breeds developed in the US and all Morgans trace back to a single stallion named Figure who was born in 1789. In 1792 he was given to Justin Morgan as a debt payment which is how the "Justin Morgan" horse evolved as the name of the breed. The Morgan is a compact breed, generally chestnut, bay or black in color but however do come in many other colors including variations of Pinto. Known for their speed and endurance they were originally used for pulling coaches and in harness racing along with English and Western style pleasure riding.

Morgans have influenced other American horse breeds, including the American Quarter Horse, Tennessee Walking Horse, American Saddlebred and Standardbred. During this time, they were also exported to other countries and in England this influenced the breeding of the Hackney Horse. They are commonly now used as pleasure horses and is known for its versatility in both English and Western riding styles.

Figure was known for his gene predominance which passed on his distinctive looks, conformation, athleticism, and temperament. His exact pedigree is unknow although there have been numerous stories and speculation about his bloodlines. Figure was believed to be around 14 hands and around 1000 pounds. And although Figure was a breeding stallion, records exist for only six of his sons. Three of those became the foundation bloodstock the Morgan breed. 

The US Department of Agriculture established the US Morgan Horse Farm near Middlebury, VT in 1907 for the purpose of maintaining, perpetuating, and improving the Morgan breed. The first breed registry was established in 1909 and the farm was later transferred to the University of Vermont. The Morgan is the state animal of Vermont. 

The classic children's book "Justin Morgan Had a Horse" written by Marguerite Henry in 1945 was made into a Disney movie in 1972.