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Doc Holiday Shoulder Holster
Bandolero-Style Shoulder Holster - Concealed Weapon Holster

We have a variety of custom western leather shoulder holsters.  The Doc Holliday Shoulder Holster and the Bandolero-Style Shoulder Holster are our most popular.  These can been worn concealed or on the outside of your clothing also.  Please remember as this is usually used for a concealed weapon you need to be aware of the concealed weapon laws for your state.  Concealed weapons are legal in some states but require a special permit.  Please check with your local law enforcement agency.
Since David LaFlair personally custom makes these items and he would like to extend the invitation to talk to him personally about what you would like to order.  Customer satisfaction along with the quality of his product is his #1 priority!  Call 520-269-2542 any questions on sizes or customization.  If he's not available please leave a message and he'll get back to you ASAP!  Place your order via our secure shopping cart with confidence or for phone orders call 520-269-2542 during our regular business hours.  For general information email us.

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*Gun and bullets not included