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We offer a wide selection of custom western leather chaps and western leather chinks in a variety of styles and leathers including the popular Batwing chap design and Shotgun chap design. Available leathers for chaps include cowhide, elk and kangaroo. They are available in various colors and offered with hair-on or bare. These quality chaps are made to last more than a lifetime. Our prices start at $350.00

Western leather chaps and leather chinks are worn to protect your legs while horseback riding in cacti, brush or chapparel. Depending on the style of chap or chink they can also keep your legs warm and dry when out riding in bad weather. Cochise Leather is proud to say these custom made leather chaps are Made in the USA

All of our chaps and chinks are custom made to order and because of the specific details that are involved in the correct ordering of these items and the variety of options offered we need you to email or call us at 520-269-2542

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Note: All of our leather goods are handcrafted, custom made to your order products and we take extreme care and pride in the making of them. For delivery status on an order already placed email us.

Have you ever wondered how Western Chaps, Chinks and the variations of them came about? Visit our Leather History page and learn more.

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