Happy Cochise Leather CustomerCochise Leather is proud of the hundreds of satisfied customers that have purchased our custom made leather goods. Below are just a few of the many comments that we have received from our wonderful customers from all over the world. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your amazing comments and support over the 13+ years that we’ve been online!

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Hi Folks,
Just got my rig (Chaparral Western Leather Gunbelt w/Holsters) in the mail, I couldn’t believe how great the craftmenship was. I tried them on, fit the guns, the tolerances are so close that screws aren’t needed to keep them from floating. I will only buy from your shop, your craftsmanship is a lost art and was proud to find a small business and American made product. Delivery was as described 4-6 weeks, well worth the wait. Gonna order my Dad a set for Father’s Day.
Thanks again! Thomas M.

Hi Folks,
Received my gun belt (1800’s Style Black Powder Rig) today…..it’s a beauty, thanks so much, the 1858 Remington fits just great. Great quality and craftmenship and good service, we will talk soon. Very pleased.
Regards, Ian M.

I wanted to say Thank You. I received my gunbelt/holster rig (Deputy Buscadero Rig) and could not be more pleased. The quality of your work is exceptional. Everything was just exactly as I hoped it would be when I placed the order. It fit my Colt Peacemaker like a glove. It was awesome to be able to speak with you personally, to ask questions before ordering and then again to get an order status update. In today’s world, it so unusual to be able to speak directly to a real person and that truly sets you apart. I highly recommend your work and am so proud to display such a quality work of leather. You are a true artist and I greatly appreciate the opportunity to do business with you. I’m sure we will do more business in the future.
Best Regards, Ed C.
I received my new and very well made rig today (Mojave Gunbelt w/Holster) and can not tell you how satisfied with the craftsmanship that went into it. I have had 2 other rigs done by other leather workers but this rig tops them all I will have no problem showing this one off and lettng my friends know who put it together and how to get in touch with you. Again, you sent me something I can be proud of….the wait was worth it!
Thank you again, Phil B.
The belt (Lakota Braided Horsehair Belt) arrived today. It was more than worth the wait! Exactly what I wanted.
Dr. Ray Q.
My leather (The Scout Slim Jim Gunbelt and Holster) arrived yesterday and I am thrilled. Your work is outstanding and you exceeded my expectations. Thank You.
Donald H..
I wanted to let you know that I just received my Holster Set. (Tombstone Gunbelt with Holster) I am very ecstatic and extremely pleased with the quality of your workmanship and timeliness of the delivery. Count me among another of your many Very Satisfied Customers.  Thank you.
Sincerely, Roy W.
Hey folks…Just received my new gun belt  GB1900 – Western Leather Gunbelt) from you. It is AMAZING!! Absolutely beautriful. I could not asked for anything better. The quality is just superb. Thank you so much!
Phil S – Schaumburg, IL
I picked up my rifle scabbard (R03 Border Tooled Rifle Scabbard w/Conchos and Spots) from the post office. I opened it and can say that I could not be more thoroughly satisified. I broke out my Rossi 92 long gun and placed it in the scabbard, it could not fit more perfectly. The earflaps come up and over the receiver and lever to fully enclose and protect hem, yet do not hinder, in any way, access to the rifle. Allowing a swift reach, grabbing the rifle at the wrist of the stock, and quick and smooth withdraw. It is obviously quality made. I am curious about the lining, what is it? It seems it should help reduce any wear to the finish of the rifle and not cause any snagging. And perhaps one of the best things, the smell of that leather. Somhow that smell spells quality, just my opinion. I am so pleased that you will find an order from me shortly, for a scabbard for my wife’s Henry once she makes up her mind which she likes the best!
“Bear” G. – Current and Future Satisfied Customer.
Thanks for the diligence. The quality is superior to all the others in the club. The belt was the envy of all my patners at the club. They are amaze that I find my size. (50″ Plus Size Gunbelt ).
Felix M – Puerto Rico

Just want to say thank you for the quality work you do, I received my second belt today (GB1900 – Western Leather Gunbelt). I received many compliments on my rig once again.
Thank you,
Tom W – Lancaster, PA

Received the HS 1881 – Billy the Kid holster and belt on Friday and have been wearing it around the house this weekend to break it in. It is very comfortable and fits my new Vaquero 45LC perfect. It looks and feels like it came right out of the old west.
Russ H – Hot Springs Village, AR
Mr. LaFlair: I received my Pinkerton Shoulder Holster today. It surpassed my expectations and was well worth the wait. I can’t compliment you enough on the precision craftsmanship. Outstanding product!  Along with the craftmanship, I was equally impressed with the customer service. Before placing my order I called the number listed on the website, fully expecting to leave my questions on an answering machine or navigate an automated answering system. To my surprise, you personally took my call and answered my questions. Also, while impatiently waiting for my order to ship (my apologies), I sent an email requesting a status update. Again to my surprise, I received a response within the hour. Overall, I am completely satisfied and will be sending a lot of business your way.
Thanks again.
JLS – Louisiana

Just received the scabbard. It looks better than I could have ever imagined. The quality of the material and workmanship is just beautiful, at the same time it looks like it will hold up to the demands I will be putting it through for years to come. I thank you for your help in guiding me through the process, answering questions that I had and working out some of the special features that I was seeking. After a long search, I’m glad I had found Cochise Leather Company.
M.H. – New Prague, MN

Dear Mr. LaFlair – I’m happy to inform you that I just received my order (HS1891 – The Deputy Buscadero Gunblet w/ Holster). It arrived on May 9th but unfortunately got stuck with Belgian Customs until yesterday. For info, in case you have an overseas customer, the parcel traveled 7 days from your place to Belgian Customs. I am extremely satisified with the look and quality of your work, it fits perfectly and looks impressive with the bullets and revolver. So I am now the proud owner of a beautiful, genuine made in the USA western gun rig. Thanks for the great work and a speedy service. Keep up the good work, Sir!
Roger – Belgium

Got my setup today. I knew I was getting a high quality item, but this rig far exceeded even that expectation! I am very happy to say the least. Thank you for providing such a great product!  HS1890C – The Montana Mexican Loop Variation w/Gunbelt
Nathanael S – Milwaukie, OR

Just recieved my Pinkerton Shoulder Holster. I am amazed at the craftsmanship and expertise that went into making this rig! It is even more beautiful than in the picture. I am astounded at how perfectly balanced the rig is even with my heavy 44 magnum 8 1/2″ barrel. It is an awesome CCW rig tucked unnoticable under my leather vest! You are truly an extraordinary craftsman and artist! Thank you so much Dave!
Jimmy K

My Mojave holster and gun belt arrived on Saturday and it us everything I hoped it would be. As advertised, it is made from qualit materials and exhibits excellent cratsmensip, plus it firs my Ruger like a custom tailored suit, You, Sir, are to be complimented as both a businessman and as a craftsman. Thank You,
Gary – Mesa, AZ

My husband received his rifle scabbard today, R08 – The Huntman Rifle Scabbard. The craftsmanship and quality are excellent! It has been a pleasure to do business with you.
Cathy B – Cisco, TX

I just received my Drifter belt and holster. Very nice job, looks great, fits well. The gun and bullets fit very nicely. I always wanted a belt and holster, could never find one around here. Thanks to you, now I have a nice one!
Douglas J
Just wanted to thank you guys for the amazing and beautiful product I received. My pistol and ammo fit great and I’m so excited to use the holster in the outdoors. I will highly recommend Cochise Leather and will look for something else to purchae from you in the future. Very pleased, great work!
Gerard C

I received my Duke Gunbelt Holster Set and it fits perfectly, looks great and the qualityof work is really outstanding. The two holsters fit my guns like a glove and the draw action is really smooth. Thanks for a really NICE gunbelt holster set.
John M – Jefferson, GA

Just received my order as promised, the H1965 – Mares Leg Holster. Absolutely PERFECT! I don’t usually use these types of terms, but it’s beautiful!
Very well done!
David L – Houston, TX

I received my black Comanchero rig today and it met and exceeded all my expectations. The quality is fantastic! The holsters are perfectly fitted and formed to my guns, too. My last rig had a pretty decent break-in period of constant drawing and holstering to get everything running smoothly, but this one’s just perfect from the get go. I’m just very impressed. Thank you! I am thrilled. Can’t wait to run my next CAS match with it!
Tom G – Plano, TX

Hello David, I received my Mare’s Leg Scabbard Holster and Gunbelt today and I felt you should know that I am delighed with the workmanship and quality of eachof these items. In today’s world it is refreshing to know that there is still an artisan who takes pride in his work and can craft such custom leatherwork at a fair price with delivery on the date promised. These works are of heirloom quality, which I will proudly pass on to my Cowgirl Daugher and which I expect will last well beyond her lifetime. Again my thanks for such quality custom products.
Bill A – Clinton, BC, Canada

I just received my Deputy Buscadero holster…WOW!!! I am so grateful to you for making it for me. It is a grea example of quality craftsmanship. I am so pleased with it. Your knowledge and experience is so evident. I cannot thank you enough for exceeeding my expectations. I can’t wait to show it off to my shooting buddies. The materials and workmanship is far above anything I have seen. God bless you and your company. Thanks again for what you did for me!
Robert W – Charlotte, NC

I received my two leather scabbards before Christmas, one was Christmas gift for my brother so I very much appreciated getting it before the 25th. I very seldom do this, but I just wanted to thank you for the most excellent workmanship and materials that I have seen in a long while. Your attention to detail is unsurpassed! I look forward to doing business with you in the near future. Thanks again.
Rex P – Castroville, CA